Thursday, 30 July 2009

Summer Madness Has Changed Me For The Best: Emma's Story

Not long before I went to Summer Madness I was a girl who didn't know who she was, I was lost in alcohol , drugs and depression. It was the Sunday night at Summer Madness that I was saved! Jasper was asking whoever wanted to become a christian for the first time to go up to the front and he would say a prayer with them. I really wanted to go up , like alot of times when people were going up for prayer too , but i was abit embaressed to be honest, I had never been to anything like it before yet I loved it . I felt like a frod though as i wasn't a Christian so i just stayed in my seat and said the prayer myself. A few minutes later I started to feel shivery and shakey so I told Nicola and she asked if it would be ok if she prayed with me. As she started to pray I felt this overwhelming feeling of Joy and Peace, I started to cry! ( it takes quite alot to make me cry lol ). They weren't sad tears though they where ears of joy! It felt As if it was Gods way of showing me that he was there , reasurring me that he really did exist! It was the strangest thing ( a good strange though! ).

From that night I have realised that the guilt I used to feel after a "Mad" night out was Gods way of "calling me". Since summer madness I have been trying to get to know more about christianity . I am so pleased that I went to summer madness and that My friend Rachel came with me as I wouldn't have went if she didnt go! I have taken home with me the most precious thing i could have and that is a realationship with God , Its going to need some building but i have the rest of m life to do that! =] I cannot wait to see what He has planned for me in the future. I know that this journey isin't going to be all fine and dandy but what I do know is that with god wth me every step of the way it will be that much easier.



  1. I think your story is great Emma-God bless you.

  2. Well done Emma, you have made the greatest decision of your life.